2016 Submissions

Tidelocked Ambient Song
Valparaiso Ambient Song
Emmaus Ambient Song

2015 Submissions

Arcadia Dance Song
Aurore Dance Song
Revelries Dance Song
Sway Ambient Song
From A Fear Of Falling Trance Song
The Minefields Indie Song
Clockwork Jazz Song
Petrichor Trance Song
Messenger Experimental Song
A Silence / A Brilliance Miscellaneous Song
With You Experimental Song
Wanderlust Ambient Song
Synaesthesia Ambient Song
Explorers Experimental Song
Always On My Mind Ambient Song
Astral Heights Trance Song
(some trails never end) Trance Song
Sainthood Trance Song
Aquamarine Experimental Song
Cloudbursts Trance Song
Colophon Ambient Song
Waves Projected Onto Wanderers Indie Song
Dances In Funeral Parlors Ambient Song
Cloudburst Trance Song
Reverie Trance Song
Lucky Stars Trance Song
Kyeo Chipstep Song
Atlas Trance Song
Amarillo Dance Song
Argonauts Ambient Song
Illumination Indie Song
Harlequin Ambient Song
Reminisced Experimental Song
Fuchsia Miscellaneous Song
Fracture Chipstep Song
Yrs Ambient Song
Gonfalon Cinematic Song
Stairways Experimental Song
Trudging Ambient Song
Monochrome Trance Song
Avant (Pt. II) Solo Instrument Song
Avant (Pt. I) Solo Instrument Song
Inspired? Ambient Song
Astronomical Ambient Song
Trembling Ambient Song
Resplendent In B/W Solo Instrument Song
Dreamscapes Solo Instrument Song
The Sky Awake, Our Wings Torn Punk Song
Riposte Indie Song
Cloaked Ambient Song
Nothing Can Ever Be Nothing Experimental Song
When You And I Were Young Ambient Song
Afar In A Mile Solo Instrument Song