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Bandcamp release

2014-06-09 20:26:09 by adieuwinter

Hi all,
Just a quick post to advertise (without shame) a compilation of recent songs - you might call it an album, but I refuse to - that I've named "Departing". It contains many of the songs I've put up here on NG, give it a listen if you have a chance, it is up for free download and will be available indefinitely:

There is another set of songs I plan to release in the new future, and will contain some of my deviations towards random genres (take a look at my recent attempt at shoegaze, mashed with chiptune). Just you wait!

Justin Han (Empyreans)


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2014-06-10 08:47:56

Good luck with your album (which I will not refuse to call it)!


(Updated ) adieuwinter responds:

"Ban USER?"
I wonder what this does?

(thanks for your luck)



2014-07-08 13:28:41

Digging your tracks!

adieuwinter responds:

Thanks, love your work too! ("Your Mother's Basement" in particular, pretty hilarious if that was what you were going for)